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The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG takes the legendary touch of premium kangaroo leather and adds foot-hugging Quad-Fit mesh in the lining and a wraparound Flyknit tongue that feels supportive under your arch.

Perfect Fit

A Quad-Fit mesh lining hugs your foot for a comfortable feel right out of the box. The Flyknit tongue wraps under your arch for a supportive feel.

Premium Leather Touch

The soft premium kangaroo leather is left unstitched for a touch unlike any other. A textured forefoot and All Conditions Control (ACC) technology give you control in wet and dry conditions.

Stable Traction

The lightweight Hyperstability plate gives you stability and reliable multidirectional traction on firm-ground fields. NikeGrip technology on the sockliner helps lock your foot in place within the cleat.

Product Details

  • Foam sockliner
  • Best for use on slightly wet short-grass fields
  • Shown: Black/Blue Hero/Black
  • Style: AT5293-004
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cheap jerseys Never been like this. Out of control. After four years of Clinton, who really led the way and led Obama down a horrible path.\”Though Trump billed his vice presidential announcement as a news conference, about 250 seats separated the press pen and the podium, adorned with the standard \”TRUMP\” campaign logo not the interlocking Trump Pence logo released on Friday, a design that left many scratching their heads.Trump did not take any questions.Donald Trump selects Mike Pence as VPDuring his remarks, however, Trump stressed that his decision to tap Pence was part of an effort to reach out to evangelicals and social conservatives cheap jerseys.

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